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Now hiring Lifegurards.  Please return the following Employment Application for consideration.

Ridgewood Swim Club, Inc. is a privately owned Corporation in which each member is required to own 5 shares of stock in the Corporation. Stock sales are privately coordinated transactions between departing members and interested parties.  Offers to buy or sell stock may be shared on our Facebook page (see below).  As a stockholder each member is required to pay annual dues for the operation of the facility. Those dues are payable by May 15th of each year.

NEW! Dues for 2014 will be $400 (no increase) and are payable no later than May 15, 2014.  Payments received after May 15 will be subject to a $35 late fee.  Failure to pay by June 15 will received in default and revocation of stock without recourse.

NEW:  Time to vote for 2014 Board of Directors.  Click here to read candidates’ information and details. Ballots must be received by March 28, 11:59:59 p.m.


P. O. Box 5069
Christiansburg, VA 24068
(540) 382-9851

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